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hi, i'm kris and i like my boyfriend & miley cyrus

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tumblr pisses me off so much now all i ever see is hate after hate. like really? do you guys not understand how many people on here end up killing themselves because you assholes tell them too. you guys make them feel so low about themselves that they take their own fucking lives! like are you kidding me? tumblr is suppose to a place to express yourself not to impress other people. recently I’ve seen so many people saying that other people have killed themselves because they were getting so much hate. like i dont understand. how can you sit there behind a computer and go into someones ask and say “you’re ugly, kill yourself” or “the world would be better without you and everyone would be happier” and then hit send! are you fucking serious? how could you go on living with yourself knowing you are the reason why someone took their own life. you guys push people so far and its absolutely pathetic and I’m sick of it. this human race sucks and that’s mainly one of the reasons i never get on here anymore because everyone on here turned out to be just like everyone else, no one on here accepts anyone for who they are. you have to pretend in real life and pretend on the internet because no matter who you are, its not good enough and you’ll always be judged. i dont give a shit how much you hate them maybe you should tell them they’re beautiful instead of saying they should kill themselves. dont wait till its too late because once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. wouldn’t you rather be the person who saves their life instead of being the one who pushes them over the edge? words hurt and people need to understand that.

i fucking hate everyone. 


I hope someone fucks you over.